Added and improved features

We’ve just rolled out a bunch of really cool stuff for our clients to help them improve on their online marketing and manage their websites.

Call To Action (CTA) panels

The CTA panel can be activated and customised via the Admin Console. It then sits in a prominent spot of your website and ensures that your special message is not missed. You can see an example in our demo website.

Here are some ideas for good uses forthe CTA:


You can customise the title and content text, as well as choose a cool icon to illustrate your message. You can even assign a “click through” link, to take the visitor to a page of your choice when the banner is clicked. The colours are already matched to your design template and make an impact.

The CTA banner is now available via your Admin Console, so use it ๐Ÿ™‚
Let us know if you’ve found a really creative use for it.

Capture more members

We have introduced a checkbox to the “Request appointment” and “Make an enquiry” forms, so that users can opt to become a member of your website right there. Hey, they’ve already supplied their name and email address anyway – so why not?


Improved content editor

Using a web browser as a word processor has always had its issues. With our recent improvements, you can now edit the contents of your pages more reliably and consistently. Even copying and pasting content from a Word document or another web page now performs better.

Also check out the new text formatting options like block quotes and alert boxes to make your pages pop:


Let us know what you think of it.

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