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Digital Practice Building

Guest post by Will Williams, MyHealthFirst For many years, independent practices have offered a unique service to their patients and communities with continuity of care, one-on-one patient engagement and a level of care and support which isn’t offered by the big corporates, to great effect. With the development of the digital world, and ever-increasing corporate […]


Accessing Google Analytics

Testing and measuring is one of the most important activities a business owner (or practice manager) can do. This applies equally to your website and its performance, but it remains a topic that very few people are interested in. Why you should test and measure your website and online strategy is a big topic. Extracting useful data […]


APA Conference 2013, Melbourne Australia

We are attending the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s “New Moves” conference this month. It is being held in our home city Melbourne, so we are very excited. Drop by and say “hi” at booth 30, near the APA booth. It’s not often we get to meet our clients in person, so we look forward to it!