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Stick to what works in web design – not an artistic masterpiece

Video animations, splash screens and music on websites may have been impressive some years ago when it was new. Now they’re just annoying. Most website designs not only miss the point of a small business practice website, but even get in the way of users. Your practice should use what works in web design, giving information to visitors in a […]


A simple private practice social media marketing strategy

A simple private practice social media marketing strategy will enhance your marketing overall. For the uninitiated however, it may take some time to understand the benefits and how best to use it. All businesses need a strategy to maximise their online presence and a set-and-forget website alone simply isn’t enough. In order to drive traffic and […]


If you are a local business, having a mobile-friendly website is not an option

At the beginning of 2015, a new era of internet web browsing was acknowledged by Google. Internet usage on smartphones and tablets surpassed desktop PCs in 2014. Now Google gives priority to websites that are “mobile-friendly” meaning they load faster and offer better user experience not only by the looks, but also functionality. If your website […]