Landing pages, custom form responses and more

Standard pages Vs Landing pages

Landing pages are great for marketing and testing new ideas. Typically landing pages do not show up in search results, so the only way to reach a landing page is via a direct link (e.g. given to someone in an email).

What is good about that? Well, it allows you to track a promotion, knowing that all the visitors that came to that page could have only come from your recent email or newsletter. This way you can test and measure your marketing activities.

Another typical landing page feature is that they refrain from using menus, navigation, sidebars, footers etc. This is all to maximise the visitor’s attention to your message at hand and not offer them a chance to wander off to other parts of your website. After all, the premise is that they came to that page following a link, to find something specific.

Your PracticePulse website allows you to create landing pages. With this update, you can now format the layout of your landing pages (i.e. use a regular page format if you wish, or control which layout elements are hidden).

Similarly, you can format a regular page (i.e. shows up in search results and can be reached via your website navigation menu) and make it look like a landing page (minimal layout features).

Custom contact response pages

You know how all website forms have a generic “Thank you” message? Whenever you make an enquiry, request an appointment or subscribe to a newsletter…

You can now control this message on your website. In fact, you can direct the visitor to any page you nominate. This way you can include a whole lot of information, instead of just a line of message.

Imagine offering your visitors a free health checkup or an eBook download right after they sign up to your email database or making an enquiry. Or you can help them download your patient intake forms right after requesting an appointment.

Physiotec exercise prescriptions right on your website

If you have a Physiotec account, you can now configure it so that your patients will view their prescribed exercises right within your website, instead of going to Physiotec’s generic website.

Using external appointment systems

Most front-desk management systems have a built in appointment booking system. Or there are many excellent 3rd party services to manage your appointment books. So if you would rather use one of those instead of what is built into your website, just let us know. We can integrate with any external system to get you more appointments.

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