Loads of new visual features to wow your audience

New themes and colour schemes

Added new theme “Concrete”, with 10 different colour schemes to choose from. Also added new colour schemes to all other themes to total 10 colour schemes per theme.

New design features

Added new features to make your pages look amazing, such as:

Cards: Specially formatted for simplicity and attractiveness, cards are great for drawing attention to your core services or offers. Dress them up with icons, buttons or banner images.

Expanders: These are a great way to roll up large amounts of content into a “toggle to view” format. Great for things like FAQs.

Call-outs: These are for major attention grabbing. Ideal for use for special promos and landing pages. Very flexible and highly customisable.

You can view all these on our demo websites.

Faster loading websites

With some special optimisation, page loading times have dropped especially on mobile devices. Your website will now deliver the most important information to visitors first so they can start using your website, even while the rest of it continues to load.

Telephone click tracking

Although still experimental, you can enable phone click tracking on your website. If you are using Google Analytics to view your website activity, any phone calls placed from users on mobile phones will be recorded.

For desktop users, this feature will hide a portion of your phone number which will be revealed when user clicks on it. This is the only way to record visitor interest in your phone number.

Fixed position welcome bar

You’ve surely seen them – websites where the top bar continues to float at the top even when you scroll down the page… You can now enable this feature on your website.

It’s a great way to keep your appointment and telephone buttons in full view.

Videos look better

When you embed a YouTube (or any other video) into a page, they will now scale properly to fit into the page. Videos on your website will always look great.

Animations to draw attention

You can now have certain key call-to-action items on your page animate to draw attention. Your “Appointment” button is a prime example of this.

When this feature is activated, the button will jiggle every few seconds to let visitors know that it is there.

Cleaned up all themes

All themes have been cleaned up, making the visual presentation tighter and more cohesive. Tune-ups include headings, bullet points, images, quote styles and blog-roll pagination.

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