V2.0 of our system is ready

Just released, the new version of our online software brings some excellent new features and simplicity in managing your physiotherapy clinic website.

As we’ve posted late last year, our new offering has been built taking onboard feedback from our clients and new trends online.

New website features

Improved design templates

We’ve decluttered all templates and increased font sizes. Your websites will now look better and be easier to read.

Search Engine Optimisation

Each page address and structure has been further optimised to be friendlier with search engines. This will go a long way towards your search listings in Google and other engines.

Secondary menu

If you have a lot of pages that you would like to add, sometimes the menu across the top of the page is not enough. We’ve introduced a secondary menu, which can be used for detailed services you offer.

Improved member panel

Becoming a member and managing membership is now easier using the new member panel which now conveniently tucks away to leave more space on the page for content and other important stuff.

Improved searching

Visitors can now search your website with greater accuracy, speed and better layout of search results.

Improved send to friend

Visitors can now send pages from your website to their friends with greater ease.

Reduced spamming

Enquiry and appointment request forms now feature an image verification system, where the sender would need to enter the text rendered in an image before the form could be sent. This will help deter those people who use your enquiry and appointment forms to send you junk mail.

Patient testimonies

Perfect for converting visitors to patients, easily collect and showcase patient testimonies. A randomly selected testimony will be displayed on each page of your website.

Social sharing

You can enable visitors to “share” pages from your website in Facebook, Myspace, Digg and more – helping your website gain more exposure.

Business hours

Update and display your practice business hours prominently.

Newsletter archives

Newsletters sent to members can now be viewed in automated archives.

Clinic address & telephone

Your contact details can now be diplayed prominently and conveniently on every page.

New Admin Console features

Improved layout

The Admin Console now looks and functions better and is easier to use.

Add your own pages

You can now add as many local content pages as you like, without added fees. Do you want to have separate pages for each physio at your clinic? Easy – just add pages and enter the content and photos.

Control website features

You can turn many of your website features on or off easily. Do you want to disable your appointment form? Do you want to disable memberships? Done in 2 clicks.

Appointment requests

Appointment requests made from your website are collected in your admin console for you to process, as well as being sent to your nominated email address as before.


Enquiries sent from your website are collected in your admin console for you to process, as well as being sent to your nominated email address as before.

Gorgeous newsletters and mailouts

Your newsletters and mailouts are now branded and nicely formatted to increase readership. Your contact details, logo and other options are included in every communication sent.

Scheduled newsletters

Whenever we add new content to your website, we prepare a newsletter to be sent to your members. These newsletters will now sit in your “console outbox”, so that you can make any necessary changes as required. At the scheduled time, the newsletters will be sent to your members. This is a great opportunity for you to add your own greeting message or promotion.

Custom mailouts

You can create a custom mailout to be sent to your members, which can be scheduled for a future delivery date or sent immediately.

Other improvements in our service

Mass importing of members

If you have a database or spreadsheet of members that you have collected over time, we can now easily import your list as members to your website. Welcome emails with login details are generated and sent automatically.

Faster support response times

We have also made numerous improvements to our client management system, allowing us to respond to your support requests faster.

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