Various minor updates

Printing pages from your website

Thanks to feedback from our clients, we have re-designed how your website’s pages print. When a visitor prints a page or article from your website, it will feature your logo, address and telephone number across the top, and the disclaimer at the bottom. There is also a full URL to the online version of the page, so that the reader can return to this page online.

Tip: You can print out various injury and treatment related pages from your website and hand out to your patients.

Staying logged in

We’ve received complaints from a few clients about staying logged in to the Admin Console. The problem was that after 20 minutes of inactivity, the Admin Console would log out the user. So if you were in the middle of adding or editing a page and then took a lunch break, you would lose your work when you tried to save.

The admin console has now been set to keep users logged in until they log out manually or close the browser window.

Improved mass-email capabilities

We are happy to announce that we have upgraded our mass-email capabilities. This means that your promo emails and monthly newsletters go out faster, with better deliverability.

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