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Authority and influence are vital for increasing referrals, gaining recognition and being valued in your profession. Take 2 minutes to complete our Scorecard and check how your business is doing and get your evaluation report now!

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Q: When it comes to using technology and Internet to market your practice, do you feel left behind or constantly playing the catch-up game?

Q: Do you feel confident when speaking with Internet or marketing professionals?

Q: Are you able to confidently determine and evaluate your options when it comes to growing your practice online?

Q: In your practice, do you have access to someone who is an expert in these matters and actively advises you what needs to be done?

Q: In your practice, do you feel that these things never seem to get done?

Q: Do you fee that you have a good work-life balance?

Q: Are you aware of any marketing restrictions / regulations that may be imposed by your governing bodies or associations?

Q: Do you have a website?

Q: Does it look good, attract the right visitors and generate enquiries and appoitments?

Q: Did you give considerable thought to your website content?

Q: Are you able to easily edit and maintain your website?

Q: Has your website been updated recently?

Q: Are security issues checked and updates performed regularly on your website?

Q: Do you have clear expectations from your website?

Q: Do you have a domain name?

Q: Is it a great domain name?

Q: Is your practice email account attached to your domain name?

Q: Can you confidently test and measure what online activities work for you and generate authority or business growth?

Q: Can you confidently choose and engage a web developer?

Q: Do you believe producing great content is important for your practice growth?

Q: Do you understand what constitutes 'great content'?

Q: Have you invested / are you willing to invest time and resources into creating great content for your practice?

Q: Do you have a blog?

Q: Do you post to your blog more than 2 times a month?

Q: Do you plan your blog posts based on what your visitors will deem valuable?

Q: Does your blog get more traffic than the rest of your website?

Q: Have you created videos for (or about) your practice?

Q: Are your videos available online (e.g. YouTube channel, your website etc)?

Q: Did you give careful consideration to the types of videos you produced?

Q: Have you created downloadable eBooks, info-sheets etc for your visitors?

Q: Do you regularly create content?

Q: Do you understand what makes 'local practice marketing online' is different to regular marketing?

Q: Do you have an email (marketing) list?

Q: Have you actually used your email marketing list for marketing purposes?

Q: Do you actively try to grow it / ask clients for their email addresses?

Q: Do you send regular emails to your marketing list?

Q: Do you have a Facebook page or Google+ profile for your practice?

Q: Is your Facebook / Google+ profile fully configured and is your information up to date?

Q: Do you regularly post updates to your Facebook or Google+ pages?

Q: Do you have a YouTube channel (or similar)

Q: Is your YouTube channel (or similar) fully configured and your information up to date?

Q: As the practice owner, do you have a LinkedIn profile that clients and referrers can look up?

Q: Have you given specific consideration to, or researched which social media channels (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ etc) you should set up for your practice?

Q: Do you (or an appointed person from your practice) regularly engage and interact with your social media followers?

Q: Have you tried Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?

Q: If someone Googled you (or your practice), will they find you easily?

Q: If someone searched for your practice in Google Maps (by name), will they find it?

Q: If someone searched for your practice locally in Google Maps by service offering (e.g. 'physiotherapist'), will they find it?

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