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Your web developer is short-changing you!


Are you using or considering WordPress for your private practice website?

WordPress is a very popular and powerful website management system. However in the wrong hands, it can lead to disaster.


Do you know:

  • Who hosts your WordPress website?
  • Whether it has been hack-proofed?
  • Does it get backed up regularly?
  • Who has ability to make changes or content edits?
  • What to do if your website died tomorrow unexpectedly?
  • What to do if it got embarrassingly hacked?
  • Who to call if you needed help with your website NOW?


Find out the real reason:

  • Why WordPress is so popular
  • Why web developers sell them
  • Why private practice owners should not buy them


If you own a WordPress website for your healthcare business, you must read this report before there is an emergency.


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