Professional practice video & photos

Tell your story. Professional practice videos and photos will really help your audience connect with you before they even set foot in your practice. It's a fantastic way to stand out from your competition.

Effective video and photos for private practice

Video packages

Your audicence has thoudsands of messages thrown at them every day, so attention is a premium commodity. Video is a popular and excellent medium because of its ease of consumption. It is an excellent selling tool when used effectively to introduce your business, tell your story or answer questions.

Search engines prioritise video content, meaning more visitors to your website. Vistors spend more time on a website with video. Video is engaging, captivating; that play button begs to be clicked.

Our experienced and professional team will ensure the tone, length and style of your video is appropriate for your prospective clients, so that your message is both engaging and entertaining. You can upload to your YouTube channel, share on social media, embed on your website or play on big screen in your reception.

Standard inclusions

  • Consulting & script preparation workshop (guided homework, editing)
  • Professional equipment
  • Professional voiceover artist
  • Background music selection
  • Branded "bookends" (start and finish screens) + "lower-third" captions
  • Finished file handover (HD video format)
  • Assistance with upload to your YouTube channel and embed into your website

Slideshow video package

This is a short, introductory video using the "narrated slideshow" technique. We can work with images you provide, so we don't need to visit you onsite to take any video footage.

  • 1 minute video, with images and words on screen, plus voiceover and background music
  • 1 round of revisions following your feedback
  • $495 +GST

"Quick intro" video package

This is a short, introductory video using HD footage we film at your location. Looks very professional.

  • 1 minute professional video
  • 1 hour visit from videographer to film several shots, various angles, B-rolls, staff in action, treatment rooms, shopfront, etc.
  • 1 round of revisions following your feedback
  • $995 +GST, available in limited cities, please enquire

"Getting to know you" video package

This is a longer, story-teller video using HD footage we film at your location. It features interviews of you and/or staff, and shots of your neighbouring area to build a visual profile of your location. You can really tell a complete story with this.

  • 2-3 minute professional video
  • Up to 3 hour visit from videographer to film several shots, interviews, various angles, B-rolls, staff in action, treatment rooms, shopfront, nearby locations, etc.
  • 3 rounds of revisions following your feedback
  • $1,995 +GST, available in limited cities, please enquire



Photography packages

Affordable, fixed price packages. Unlike other guys, we won't just sell you prints or charge per headshot. Our packages are fixed price and include everything you will need.

Headshots and tour package

Have you taken photos yourself, but didn't look quite right? Get a professional eye on the job. Present your staff and practice in the best light (pun intended).

  • 1 hour visit from photographer, taking headshots of your staff, teaching you how to shoot similar photos for new staff in the future, taking photos around your preactice, etc.
  • All photos professionally touched up and handed over in high-resolution files.
  • $795 +GST, available in limited cities, please enquire
  • 3D virtual reality tour (optional add-on): $495 + GST, limited availability


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The product speaks for itself

PracticePulse has given us great quality service and made the changeover process a smooth one. The product they offer speaks for itself; we're just looking forward to seeing the website to become a key part of our patient communication and marketing process, freeing up our time to do more of what we're good at!

~ Triton, SA Australia


SEO features help with Google rankings

I was looking to create a website which had a great look and feel to it and lots of client oriented content without spending a great deal of my time on it. Initially, I was concerned that having a generic template may look a bit cheap and not stand out from the rest, however the ability to add one's own content and even design was a big plus. Additionally, I was provided a site with SEO features, which helps with Google rankings.

PracticePulse was the best option, delivering everything I wanted without huge development costs. They have been very supportive and have responded to my queries promptly. The new website is great and I think PracticePulse has put in a magnificent effort in developing websites for physiotherapy businesses, whilst allowing individualisation at a reasonable cost.

~ Martin, NSW Australia