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About us

We work exclusively with health care and wellness practitioners in private practice that do amazing things for their patients but suck when it comes to promoting themselves online and using technology effectively.

The problem

You are a health practitioner. You love to help your clients feel better or reach their potential. This is what you trained for. However running a business is a whole different thing.

Word of mouth and traditional marketing is no longer enough. Your target market is tech savvy. You can see many practitioners owning the online space – i.e. where your customers are. But you don’t know where to start or you don’t have the time or support.

The solution

We’ve been solving real business problems in the online space since 1996. Before PracticePulse, some of the biggest advertising, marketing and digital agencies have employed us to work on some of the most recognisable brands. These include Nike, Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola, National Australia Bank, Ski, Village Roadshow Entertainment, L’Oréal, Sensis, Mercedes, Dulux and Cadbury.

Now as PracticePulse, we focus exclusively on bringing our experience to health businesses in private practice. We speak your language, we understand your needs. We’re committed to you and your industry.

What drives us

We believe it’s time for health care businesses to stand up and gain the recognition and prosperity they deserve. Our mission is to see our clients reach their business potential, just like they love to see their own clients reach their health potential.

Our aim is to become the preferred provider of website services for private practice world-wide, known for the online success we bring to our clients.

  • Our first responsibility is to our customers
  •  We’ll do what we say we’ll do
  •  We’ll maintain highest level of technological competency
  •  We’ll work hard to earn and keep trust