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Private practice websites that will grow your business

All the tools, features and support you need bundled into one package. Easily affordable and constantly evolving, a PracticePulse website will make your online presence a profitable investment for your practice.

Get more patients, grow your business

Your ideal patients are looking for your services; make sure they find you, and not your competition.

  • Get online appointments and enquiries
  • Integrate ad campaigns and landing pages to test marketing ideas
  • Eliminate your risks: PracticePulse ONLY works with health businesses in private practice

Latest technology and looks

Fully smartphone enabled, eye-catching features to get your ideal customer’s attention.

  • Build trust and get recognition with your ideal customers
  • Cutting edge technology, managed by our professional team
  • Integrate newsletters, sales funnels, patient downloads, memberships. shopping carts and much more

Always be in control

Stop wasting time online and get back to growing your business with the right team and tools.

  • Never feel overwhelmed; we are always here to help
  • Focus on the stuff you’re good at
  • Low setup costs, no contracts

Design & setup

Simply choose one of the following to get started quickly:

Semi custom design

AU $695 setup
Choose maintenance plan below

Australian dollars (ex GST).
Convert currency here

“Show me some design options, make it pretty, keep price low”

  • Standard setup inclusions as below.
  • Semi-custom design starts with your chosen design and customises your branding, colours, fonts and more, to make your website unique.
  • Ready in 5 business days.

Full custom design

AU $1,995 setup
Choose maintenance plan below

Australian dollars (ex GST).
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“I want completely unique design, ground-up”

  • Standard setup inclusions as below, plus…
  • Full custom design starts with a short questionnaire to determine your preferences to design your unique website, from the ground up.
  • Help with content preparation and proofreading.
  • Ready in 10 business days.

Standard setup inclusions:

  • Your branding & colours
  • Professional page layouts and design
  • Mobile optimised
  • Initial SEO tune-up
  • Unlimited pages
  • Import content from old website
  • Perfect mix for private practice
  • Decades of experience built-in
  • Domain name registration 1
  • Hosting configuration
  • Speed optimised
  • All the advice you need

There are countless integrations and extensions you can add to your website, such as custom online forms, landing (sales) pages, booking systems and newsletter managers. We will work with you.

Maintenance plans

We won’t leave you stranded. Choose your support & maintenance requirements to suit.
One clinic location is included. Contact us for multiple clinic discounts.

There’s also an option if you just want to purchase your website outright and don’t need ongoing support or maintenance.

Essential Maintenance plan

AU $89 /month

Australian dollars (ex GST). Convert currency here.
Multi-location discount available.

“Keep my website running, safe and clean.”

  • Standard maintenance inclusions as below.
  • Great way to keep costs down. The difficult tech stuff is managed by us.
  • Support via email.
  • 15 minutes of support per month; enough for content update requests. More available if you need.

Enhanced Maintenance plan

AU $109 /month

Australian dollars (ex GST). Convert currency here.
Multi-location discount available.

“I’ll need ongoing help with my website.”

  • All the above, plus…
  • Unlimited support & content updates.
  • Support via email, phone and even remote screen sharing (as if we are at your computer).
  • Domain name and renewals on your behalf.

Platinum Care plan

AU $199 /month

Australian dollars (ex GST). Convert currency here.
Multi-location discount available.

“I have no time or patience: Just take care of everything for me.”

  • All the above, plus…
  • Regular on-page SEO monitoring & updates.
  • Proactive content clean-up, advice & competitor monitoring.
  • Priority support, advanced reports & backups.

Standard maintenance inclusions:

  • 24/7 Up-time monitoring
    ($100/year value)
  • Security monitoring / hack-proofing
    ($190/year value)
  • Regular backups to cloud
    ($250/year value)
  • Managed system updates and upgrades
    ($190/year value)
  • Cloud hosting
    ($120/year value)
  • Domain name renewals 2
    (Up t$50/year value)
  • SSL security certificate
    ($100/year value)
  • Detailed reports (visitor analytics, websites updates etc)
  • Unlimited ideas and advice when you need it
  • Website and technical support team
  • Help with implementing your ideas
  • Superhero training, if you are so inclined

No support or maintenance required?
Buying out your website

When you bundle one of the maintenance packages above with your PracticePulse website, you not only get a great up-front deal but also top-notch support, service and peace of mind. Plus you know we will always work hard to keep your business each and every month.

But if you have the time and resources to manage all aspects of hosting, security, backups, maintenance and updates, you can buy your PracticePulse website outright any time for a low “buy-out” fee (ex GST):

  • AU $3,995 within the first year
  • AU $2,495 within the second year
  • AU $995 thereon

Content libraries

For AU$30 per month (ex GST), you can get access to more than 330 professionally written articles in several categories for use on your website. Simply select a whole lot of them at a time and we will schedule them to be published on your website at regular intervals — just like you are writing them yourself.

You can also nominate selected articles to be picked up automatically by your newsletter system, and have them emailed to your subscribers. It’s a fantastic way to keep in regular contact with your patients and keep publishing excellent material on your website for only few minutes work every few months.

1 One domain name registration included in setup if you don’t already have a domain name.
2 Annual domain name renewals included while you have an Enhanced Maintenance plan, and if you transfer your domain name to our registrar so we can easily maintain it for you. You will always remain the domain owner.

Frequently asked questions

Why are there monthly fees?

The support & maintenance plans are not mandatory. However they offer excellent value and peace of mind for you. It’s also a way for us to reduce your typical up-front website development costs.

Essentially, we are wearing the risks: You pay much less to get your awesome PracticePulse website, plus you get excellent service so you can focus on what you do best, knowing you can leave whenever you like and we will work hard each month to keep you.

If you want to self-host and manage your website, there’s an option to buy out your PracticePulse website like a regular website.

Will my website be found in search engines?

Yes. However remember your competitors are also after the same thing. How high you appear in Google depends on many things, which we can help you with.

Can I add my front-desk software’s booking form to my website?

Yes. We encourage this.

How do I manage my website?

You will get a special login, where you can update various settings and content. We’ve locked away all the complicated stuff so you are not overwhelmed.

You can also ask us for help whenever you need it. Some of our support and maintenance plans include unlimited help; just email us and consider it done.

Do I get email accounts?

Yes. We can set up 2 secure email accounts for free, with more available for a small fee. They hold 25GB of data.

However we recommend services like Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365, for maximum flexibility.

Am I locked into a monthly service fee?

No; there is no minimum term. You can leave us whenever you like. However we’ve designed our service to minimise your risk by not charging you a full website fee up-front. Instead we offer you a very low setup fee, and bundle incredible ongoing value each month so you want to stay with us.

How do I cancel my PracticePulse website service?

Simply give us one month notice. You have two options if you want to leave us:

A) Cancel your PracticePulse website any time and get a different website from another developer (pay them whatever they charge). You will not pay us anything more.

B) Buy out your PracticePulse website if you want to keep it, and manage its hosting, maintenance and security yourself. It’s like leasing a car.

When you buy out your website, we will remove any user restrictions and you will get full administrator rights. We will give you an entire backup of your website. You will need to manage your own website and email hosting, SSL security and domain renewals.

Can I change my website design later?

Of course. We offer half-price setup for redesigns.

What’s included in the monthly reports?

Your reports include everything from what we did behind the scenes (system updates, backups etc), security monitoring outcomes, up-time monitoring (ensure your website is always up), any content updates that were done etc.

Advanced reports that come with some management plans also include your SEO rankings, competitor behaviour and so much more.

Can I sell products/services and get payment online?

Yes. For an additional $20/month (+GST), we have. a Stripe integration. We can manage your products for you.

Got questions? Need some direction?

Book a consultation call and pick our brains!
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What clients say about PracticePulse

Trusted by busy practice owners all over the world…

New patient picked us because of our website

I previously had a three page, clunky, unalterable website that clearly wasn’t working for our clinic. In the space of a week PracticePulse designed, structured and launched a new website for us in a seamless transitionIt could not have been easier and the results speak for themselves.

A new patient who saw Joanna this week commented that he picked our practice over others in the area based on the web-site. Nice work.

A necessary addition to our marketing strategy

Our website has proven to be a worthwhile and necessary addition to our marketing strategyIn a relatively short period of time it has paid for itself by generating new client referrals, receiving plenty of praise from patients. I am impressed with the support, professional services and ongoing articles and updates you and your team have continuously made. I have no hesitation in recommending PracticePulse.