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Buy our book: Clinics in the Cloud

Written in plain English for the non-techie reader, Clinics in the Cloud aims to empower business owners to take charge, make decisions and claim their space online — leaving the rest to play the catch-up game.

This book was based on questions and concerns raised by hundreds of private practice owners around the world. It was written to help you take charge and gain necessary knowledge so you can understand how to use this technical stuff to your advantage. It'll help you become empowered, informed and confident discussing your strategy and requirements with qualified consultants and suppliers. It'll help you recognise the impact of your online strategy on your practice and evaluate new and emerging ideas.

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WordPress: Your web developer is shortchanging you!

Are you using or considering WordPress for your practice website? Find out the real reason WordPress is so popular in this report, why web developers sell them and why private practice owners should not buy them.

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E-book & cheatsheet: Local SEO - Get booked solid by being everywhere your clients are

A complete eBook and cheatsheet prepared with you in mind, to help get your private practice show up everywhere your prospective, ideal clients are.

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E-book: Starting out in Private Practice

"The transition from employee to practice owner takes courage."

This e-book is a collection of related posts and articles published in our blog. It is by no means a complete resource, but we thought there would be value for therapists starting in private practice to be able to download them in one neat package, and read whenever and wherever convenient.

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Domain availability checker

Just like a good business name for your practice, a domain name should be selected with careful thought. Your domain name plays an important role when people search for, discover, explore, talk about and remember a website. It establishes your brand before people even visit your practice website for the first time.

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Private Practice Online Authority Scorecard

Authority and influence are vital for increasing referrals, gaining recognition and being valued in your profession. Take 2 minutes to complete our Scorecard and check how your business is doing and get your evaluation report now!

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Traditional website cost calculator

Use our website cost calculator to estimate how much a traditional website can end up costing you. You may be shocked after factoring in your (or your staff) time involved and regular maintenance work that needs to be done.

Even when you use conservative figures in the calculator, compare your results with how much a PracticePulse website will save you (in the short and long term).

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