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Private practice email marketing – Best subject lines deliver the best results

Private practice email marketing is great way to stay in touch with your patients and prospects. Sending valuable and educational material to your recipients is still one of the best marketing techniques available. But sending valuable emails and getting people to actually open and read them are completely different things. Recipients are very quick to discard most email without opening them. If you are not careful, you could even end up in their spam folder.

Subject lines are the key part of every email. Even if you have a great offer which you spent hours working on, it will be useless if it gets deleted or ignored.

Here are a few tips on how to create breakthrough subject lines for your health business email marketing.

Private practice email marketing should motivate your recipients

First thing you want to do is motivate your audience with your private practice email marketing. The subject line has to get attention and make them eager to read. You have a short amount of characters to work with (around 50) so your message has to be short and intriguing at the same time. Use verbs like “uncover, learn, discover, improve”, etc. for this purpose.

Outline the benefits clearly

Make sure you tell your recipients about the benefits of the email in the subject line. Try to take a look from their perspective: what would interest them enough to open the email on the spot? If you think like this, you will be able to come up with something great, especially when you are sending valuable and educational content.

Be original every time

It’s important to have a new subject line for every new email. If you are sending educational material that is roughly about the same topic, you might be tempted to keep the previous subject line. Same goes for promotional offers. Diversity is a great way to make people curious. Everyone wants something new. Tweak the subject line every time, but make sure you still stay relevant to the content of the email.

Don’t forget the spam filters

Most spam filters get rid of emails based on certain words in the subject line. Make sure you avoid words like “free, call now, sale, x% off, subscribe, guaranteed” etc. Even if you happen to pass a filter while using those words, there still a huge chance that your email won’t be opened. People get dozens of emails with similar subject lines everyday and just seeing the same thing one more time isn’t going to do any good. Avoid using all-capital letters in your subject lines and don’t over-pack them with comas, exclamation marks and question marks.

Creating short, motivating, original and spam free subject lines in private practice email marketing is tough. You have to put a lot of thought to it, but it’s something you just cannot skip. Bad subject lines make your private practice email marketing useless: you might as well never send emails.