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Do I need multiple websites for multiple clinics?

If you have more than one clinic in your business, it may be worthwhile investing in a website for each. The main consideration is simply “when it comes to your patients, are you serving different targets or do they overlap?”

Customer care – do it right

Customer care is something you can’t fake. It shows through in how quickly you answer the phone or respond to an email. It is evident in how hard you work to resolve an issue.

Launching a physiotherapy business website

Launching a new website can seem quite daunting, especially if you haven’t been through it before. There will be so many unknowns to navigate and decisions to be made that it is common to feel like you are flying blind.

Private practice: prospering in uncertain economic times

Like other business sectors in the post-economic meltdown, Australia’s private physiotherapy clinics have had to cope with a treacherous economic climate and sceptical consumers less willing to spend on what is still widely perceived as a non-essential service.