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Do I need multiple websites for multiple clinics?

If you have more than one clinic in your business, it may be worthwhile investing in a website for each. The main consideration is simply “when it comes to your patients, are you serving different targets or do they overlap?” If your clinics are located close to one another and your patients are able to visit either clinic relatively easily, then you will probably not need separate websites.

Remember that when when patients (or potential patients) find your website via a search engine like Google, they will probably search for something like “physiotherapy Carlton”, which includes their locale of interest. This makes sense, as they will have easy access to businesses found through such a search. Similarly, you wouldn’t care to be found by a searcher in Timbuktu. Hence your websites should largely be optimised accordingly, keeping in mind your services and locale. Ideally, your domain name should also hint at this locale.

If you are using a website membership system, you may also want separate websites to serve the different groups of patients. This would also help target any special promotions and marketing efforts.

If your clinics are geographically close and your services are relatively similar, targeting an overlapping target, you can save yourself some money and use one website. There are a few other considerations – contact us and we will be happy to talk you through and help you decide.