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Do you need a separate website for each clinic location?

Health businesses in private practice can often have more than one clinic or location. The question is: do you need a separate website for each clinic location or can one website do the trick?

The answer is complex. On one hand, having multiple websites will greatly increase your search engine rankings and help you get more visitors over all. On the other hand, it’s already hard to create and maintain one great website and you’d need to dedicate more time and resources for this endeavour.

Ideally, you want to have a separate website for each clinic on the map. But it will come with added costs. However, there are cases when you can get away with a single website. Consider the following points when facing this issue:

Are your clinics geographically close to each other?

You might have clinics in the same county/city/district that are relatively far from each other. However, if they are the same city, it can be a good idea to have a single website for all clinics and provide all the addresses, working hours, services, phone numbers and emails for those on your website contact page. This way you can still get away with just one good website, while also letting your visitors choose which of your clinics is closest to them and more convenient to attend.

Do your clinics cover an overlapping client base?

Do you have the same patients visiting different clinics from time to time? If yes and their numbers are high enough, means one of two things: either your patients recently discovered a clinic that is closer to them and it’s more convenient to attend that one, or your clinics are located close enough to each other so patients don’t really care which one they attend. In both cases having a single website can be an ideal solution. Make sure to provide the different clinic addresses on your website.

Optimising for search engines

In terms of local SEO, having a separate website for each clinic on the map will boost your search queries and website visits. Optimising each website for local SEO will help you reach the top of search results for different geographic locations.

Do all your clinics offer the same services?

Consider the different services provided by each of you clinics. For example, one of those might be offering a high quality therapeutic massage, while another one offers severe injury treatment. In this case, it’s highly recommended to have a separate website for each clinic. This will boost your local SEO considerably and allow tailoring each website for different audiences based on their needs.

Do you use a regular newsletter with a subscription database tied to your website?

Are your news or promotions focused on a single clinic or across the board? Would it make more sense to target your messages more tightly based on specific offerings of each clinic?

Basically getting each clinic location on the online map is a matter of time and resources. Having a separate website with a unique domain name is your best option. But if you really can’t afford to have a separate website for each clinic, make sure to offer a list of all clinics on one of your site pages. This will not only help your users when they look for a convenient location, but also the search engines.