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5 characteristics of an outstanding physiotherapy clinic website

Looking to establish an online presence that enhances your physiotherapy clinic’s credibility and increases the number of patients that come through your doors?

Having your own website sounds cool, but what kind of website, and can it make business sense?  Far too often, we hear horror stories about companies that pour money into complex content management systems (CMS), only to realize that they are inappropriate for their needs.

In other words, the IT consultants were not looking out for your interests…

As the owner of a bustling private clinic, you cannot be expected to also be an Internet expert.  You are busy ensuring that your practice delivers top-notch care, all the while controlling administrative costs.

So, what does it take to get the best physiotherapy clinic website in your area?  Here are five criteria that you must use to get an outstanding website for the long-term:

Web design functionality:

  • Clean page layouts, appealing colour coordination, strategically located corporate logo and contact information.
  • Smooth navigation within and between sections.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could test drive your website before making a financial and emotional commitment?  That’s why you should run away from consultants who insist on fully customized designs and refuse to let you in on the “look and feel” until the very last moment.  Contrary to what some web designers may say, templates are acceptable – even preferable – because you know what to expect upfront! Plus you get a design that has been optimised and proven effective.

Content flexibility:

  • Relevant, regularly updated information in general and/or membership-only libraries that presents the case for physiotherapy treatment at your clinic.
  • Highlight your private practice’s credentials (e.g. years in business, staff qualifications and specialisations) in a ‘Meet our Staff’ section.
  • Invite patients to take the next step in a ‘Contact Us’ section.
  • Add personalized articles that highlight your staff’s ability and recent achievements in patient rehabilitation.


  • Self-contained list-building and membership site features like e-mail broadcasts.
  • Regular newsletters to patients highlighting relevant physiotherapy issues.
  • Encourage visitor comments and feedback to engage visitors and help laser-target new topics and content.
  • Start and manage your own blog.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Allow patients to ask questions and book appointments hassle-free.
  • Prominent placement of your business contact information.
  • Maps, driving directions, nearest public transit routes

Social media interactivity:

  • Seamless integration with Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.
  • Sharing and bookmarking with Digg, Delicious, and other popular sites.
  • Intra-website search facility to allow easy navigation and permit patients to locate information fast.
  • YouTube videos.

Simple-to-use but powerful website management tools.

  • User-friendly Admin Console.
  • Domain name selection and registration, web hosting, and e-mail account management.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Ensuring that your pages meet the criteria of major search engines.
  • New content and updates written and added regularly to your website to keep it fresh and tailored to your practice’s activity.

As you can see, it’s important to establish clear criteria when entrusting a web design service to give your clinic a meaningful online presence.  The details above are not meant to intimidate you from pursuing a viable web strategy.  On the contrary, it offers you a reasonable starting point from which to evaluate potential physiotherapy website designers and make a sound decision.