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Getting too much spam?

There are two types of spam (junk emails): ones that are directly sent to your email address and those that are sent through your online enquiry forms.

Online enquiry forms enable visitors to send you a message from your website, by filling in and submitting the form on site. The submitted form’s contents are sent to a predetermined email address (e.g. your office email address).

However, some spammers use these forms to get their junk message through to you, knowing that the form submitted will reach your inbox. There is little that can be done to combat these people, short of not having an online enquiry form. However we are working on several upgrades to our system that will make it more difficult for people to use your website enquiry form for spamming purposes.

The original type of spam is when spammers directly send junk mail to your email account directly. Just like your telephone number, your email address can end up in the public domain, and onto a “calling list”. If you suffer from this type of spam, we can change your email account settings on our mail servers so that whenever an incoming email is detected as spam, it will be automatically deleted and not sent to your inbox. Though this is not perfect and some cleverly written spam will still get through, you will find that you get much less spam in your inbox.

In worst case scenarios, you may even opt to discard an old email account and open a new one. If you have been receiving too much spam, let us know and we’ll recommend a suitable solution for you.

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  1. Replying to a spammer is often a sure way of letting them know that your email address is valid and they have your attention. So it is best to simply delete them.

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