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How SEO strategies make a difference for physiotherapy websites

Simply having a website that represents your private practice is not enough; you need to have meaningful online visibility. Therefore, it is important to implement winning Internet marketing strategies that drive targeted traffic (i.e. potential patients) to your site and in turn raise your conversion rate, i.e. percentage of website visitors who end up walking through your clinic doors.

One traffic strategy that your website designer may suggest is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a method of improving visibility in popular search engines via “natural” or “organic” (i.e. unpaid) search results.

Your private practice website’s main goal is to dominate physiotherapy-related searches in the local area. Unlike global and even national corporations, which must necessarily appeal to a wide cross-section of interests, you have the luxury of focusing your pitch to a limited patient base without jeopardizing your business’ viability. A permanent “Top Ten” placement in Google or Google Maps with the search phrase “Essendon physiotherapy” (that is, if you are located in or around Essendon) informs web surfers that you are in the vicinity and prepared to meet their treatment demands.

It’s crucial to be precise about your business goals and offer any insights from market research regarding competition, demographics etc. to your website provider. Even a start-up clinic can draw solid attention and new patients with the right combination of style, strategy and SEO. It does not hurt to occasionally fine tune or freshen up your message, either.

Winning search engine strategies will make your physiotherapy website a relevant part of your marketing mix. Be assured that while you are occupied with the frontline tasks of patient care and private practice administration, an optimised website is working for you at all time to enhance your reputation and bottom line. Speak with us to get a website optimised for best search engine marketing strategy to suit your business.