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Local SEO: Get booked solid by being everywhere your clients are

Finally! A locally-focussed SEO eBook written just you; the private practice owner!

What’s inside:

  • First understand how search engines work; everything else will make more sense.
  • Learn how being a “local business” chnges your approach to SEO.
  • Discover the factors that affect how well your business will rank in search engines.
  • Access a collection of useful tools to make your job easier.
  • Learn about citations, and simple tricks to boost your rankings (that your competition is not doing).
  • Configure your Google My Business profile, so that your business displays prominently in Google Maps and more.
  • Get your business listed in Apple (iPhone) Maps
  • Understand all about keywords and how to select them.
  • Learn about how backlinks work, and how to get them to boost your domain authority.
  • Uncover how reviews can skyrocket your appointment bookings.
  • Recognise some serious problems and easily avoid them.
  • Updated for 2017!

… and much more

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