Traditional website cost calculator

By the time you add up everything you need and how much time you put into it, a traditional website can end up costing you a lot.

Enter your estimates into the fields below to see how much it could end up costing you to launch and keep an ordinary website. Then check how a hard-working PracticePulse website stacks up.

Up-front costs

There are some typical up-front costs when creating a website. These can be reduced if you have the tools or know people who can help.

Research website designers

Organise your domain name

Determine current & future needs

Consulting with website designer

Plan & prepare informative content

Actual website building cost

Ongoing monthly costs

Once your website is live, there are typical regular activities required to ensure that it actually helps bring income into your business.

Prepare & upload regular new content

Push your website in search engines

Prepare & send email newsletters

Research & apply new features

Technical support fees

Hosting fees

What is your time worth?

Consider the person who will be championing your website (from launch to maintenance).
Typically this will be the business owner or practice manager. What is this person's hourly rate?

My time is worth