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Selling products from your website

Sales of treatment, rehabilitation and exercise products are a great way to ensure your patients get what they need to assist with their recovery. It is also a good source of added revenue for your business. If you have a PhysioPulse physiotherapy practice website, there is an easy way to add basic transactional facilities to give customers the ability to shop and buy from you 24 hours a day. You’ll not only reach customers you might never see in your physical location, but you’ll also please regular customers by adding an extra level of convenience.

Services such as PayPal, a trusted name in e-commerce, allows anyone to sell just about anything online. Setting up a PayPal account is simple. Head to to get started: They’ll need you to provide a bank account details and some personal information. Weigh the kinds of service options they can offer: You may want to start with the basic, free account and then upgrade when and if it suits your needs.

Once you have an active account, you can create what are called “Buttons” for each product you want to sell. Each Button you create holds information such as product name and price. All you need to do to insert this Button into your site is to grab the HTML code PayPal gives you and paste it into your selected web page using the content administration tools we provide.

When visitors view this page, they can see your “Buy Now” button and any product related information you may have on your page, such as images. Here is a sample Button I’ve created using our own PayPal account, which you can use to purchase credits towards your PhysioPulse website services 🙂


Clicking the button takes the visitor to PayPal website (which handles security) and the visitor can pay for the item via many options. After purchase is finalised, you simply get an email with the details of the sale and postal address. Remember, you can bundle any postal fees into your Buttons.

PayPal is trusted, safe, and secure – it’s used in millions of eBay transactions and provides its own security center to answer any questions you might have. Revenue can be transferred from your PayPal account to your business bank account, as easily as you would transfer money in any Internet banking transaction. Records of your sales are available and you can even create and send invoices to buyers.

3 thoughts on “Selling products from your website”

  1. Wouldn’t magenta be better? Magenta is open source and there are many templates for it. It can also handle a variety of payment methods.

  2. Sure thing! if your business is purely selling stuff online, there are many options – and Magenta is very nice indeed. However it requires resources to maintain and operate. A PayPal solution as above can be done in minimal time and would be sufficient for most of our clients.

    We are currently planning an eShop module. However if our clients wanted to get serious about online retailing, we would be happy to set them up with a specialist store with Magenta (or another suitable product).

  3. An update regarding the eShop module I mentioned in my previous comment: For now we have decided to shelf the idea, as there seems to be little interest from our clients. We would rather keep our platform easy to use and delivering on promises instead of overloading it with features.

    That said, if the demand increases, we will surely put it back on the roadmap.

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