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Tell the world about your practice website

Once your website is live, you will want potential customers to start visiting it. There are several methods for spreading the word about your new website. Firstly, your site needs to be optimised for search engines so visitors can find you when looking for physiotherapy services. There are chapters dedicated to this topic, so this post we look at a few basic things you can do yourself with minimal effort to get extra visitors to your website.

Business cards, flyers, printed adverts and exterior signs are ideal locations to display your website’s address. As the goal of your website is to direct potential customers to information that will convince them to patronize your business, it is essential to put your web address into as many hands as possible. By distributing flyers and new business cards listing your address at conferences and community events, you will drive traffic to your website. People passing by your business will be able to write down the address of your website, or access it using a smartphone, offering access to information instantly. Remember, a web address is often easier to remember than a telephone number.

Include your website address on your invoices, receipts and post-treatment instructions and let your patients know that they can request appointments online, or educate themselves further about various treatments. Additionally, when looking to tell friends or family about your practice, they will be able to easily provide them with the address of your website.

Identify the online business directories used in your community, as well as other local websites with client bases overlapping your own. By contacting these websites directly, you may be able to negotiate to exchange “links”, sending each other qualified visitors. Local online advertising provides a higher chance of reaching internet users who will be likely to patronize your business.

You can get custom-cut vinyl stickers on the cheap. Have your website address cut out and stuck onto your car’s bumper bar in big bold letters. People who will see this in traffic as you drive to and from your practice, are likely to be locals and potential new business.

If you have a PhysioPulse website, you can be sure that your visitors will find regularly updated and useful information, worth their while. So be proud of it and tell the world.

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