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What do patients want? It’s solutions, not services.

What do patients want?. If your practice is heavily geared towards the technical aspects of your speciality, you risk your potential patients not understanding how your treatment directly relates to their problem. If this happens they are likely to walk away in confusion. You need to make it crystal clear, just how your services will solve their problems and pains.

Services Vs solutions

Marketing your business as a service provider or solutions provider are two very different things. Offering a service in the field of private practice indicates a problem and clients want this problem solved. Psychologically, do clients think this problem going to be solved by a service or a solution? When visiting your practice or clinic, most patients have a specific condition they want treated and they are looking for you to give it. If you mention only the services you provide without explaining how those services solve the problem, clients will not associate your practice as the answer to their problem and may look for alternatives. If you explain your solutions, patients will easily name your clinic as the answer.

It’s about the language you use

As a specialist in your field, you understand all the technical jargon. Your patients, however, do not. These words and terminology that are second nature to you go straight over the heads of many clients and what may be very simple for you can leave patients feeling confused. Technical language is service talk whilst simple language explains the solution. If a client comes in to see you and you diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment, you need to explain it in a way they understand so they leave your practice knowing exactly how their problem is being solved. Always ask yourself “what do patients want?” and tailor your language so.