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Increasing your private practice income may be easier than you think

There are always opportunities for increasing private practice income through expanded range of services. Are you missing out on opportunities to cross-sell? Whilst most businesses centre on a core offering, successful enterprises will see that as a basis from which to expand into other areas. The automotive industry, such as profits from providing accessories, financing, insurance and […]


Stick to what works in web design – not an artistic masterpiece

Video animations, splash screens and music on websites may have been impressive some years ago when it was new. Now they’re just annoying. Most website designs not only miss the point of a small business practice website, but even get in the way of users. Your practice should use what works in web design, giving information to visitors in a […]


5 ways to reduce appointment no-shows and stop losing revenue

A common question for private practice owners is “How do I reduce appointment no-shows at my clinic?”  Private practice no-shows can pose a real threat to a practice’s bottom line. Fortunately there are 5 main ways to reduce appointment no-shows. No-shows are an inevitable part of any business that depends on appointments to deliver its service. Common […]