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Insider report: WordPress. Your web developer is shortchanging you!

Are you using or considering WordPress for your practice website? Find out the real reason web developers sell WordPress websites and why private practice owners should not buy them.

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve heard much about WordPress for managing your website lately.

Let me first set the tone: I think WordPress is marvellous. I get how it works under the hood and I love the power it offers me both as a developer and a website manager. But then again, I know my way around these things.

Unfortunately, there are several key problems at the core of WordPress. There needs to be a more balanced evaluation without the hype. This is especially true for you as a local health business in private practice.

You have specific needs, limited resources and minimal interest in technology – you’d rather focus on what you do best instead. You don’t want to get stuck with a tool that will always get in the way of your business while you pay for the privilege.

It is for this reason that I decided in the early days of PracticePulse that we wouldn’t offer WordPress websites. Instead, we architected a system that gives businesses in private practice all the power, flexibility, features and support that they need from their website. No overwhelm, no confusion, no high up-front costs.

As a web development company, we would save o ton of expenses by switching to selling WordPress websites. However, I’m simply not convinced that it is the right choice for our clients. If you love tinkering with technology and have the time, chances are PracticePulse is not right for you, and you will love WordPress.

Read this report and decide for yourself.

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