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3 ways an effective physio website can enhance your credibility

Whether or not you currently promote your clinic on the Internet, an interactive and content-rich website merits serious consideration.  It works two ways: as your window into the world of interactive websites, and for prospects to get a fresh perspective about your practice’s knowledge and expertise.

Physiotherapy remains a mystery for most Australians, so anything you can do to encourage more traffic should be encouraged.  These days, website visits can be a prime gateway for new appointments, because they help remove the barriers between you and the clients.

Credibility is the key; consider the following reasons for beefing up your physio website or creating one today:

Builds trust with prospective clients; reinforces positive relationships with current clientele

A quality physiotherapy website can reassure visitors that you operate a  clinic with a proven track record, and welcome anyone wanting to discuss physical mobility issues in the strictest of confidence.  Consider how reassuring your immediate, personal response to a patient concerns can be in lifting their spirits.  Ideally, its content and layout influences people to answer the following question in the affirmative:

“Can I trust this website’s advice, and does it merit a personal follow-up at their clinic?”

People can better relate to your practice if you offer a genuine online glimpse of it

As a business owner, you can enhance your clinic’s credibility by offering visitors some basic information like your staff’s specialisations or news on the latest physiotherapy developments.  Australians are increasingly turning to the Internet for health information, so the time is right to introduce yourself in a professional manner.

Have an uncluttered home page, proofread your all your content’s spelling and grammar, and use appropriate formatting.  Deficiencies will drive business away!   As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

A professional website differentiates you from the competition

Physiotherapists in private practice need every edge they can get.  ‘About us’ pages in particular are read by recently injured people trying to determine who to trust for their rehabilitation.  Ideally, you should tell patients 5 important things about your business:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is your clinic’s primary mission (i.e. mission statement)?
  3. Where you are located?
  4. Why are you involved in physiotherapy?
  5. How does your practice make you unique?

The more credibility you have, the more likely patients will consume your information, bookmark your web pages, sign up for your e-newsletter, and eventually make that critical first appointment.  Otherwise, they are likely to move on, regardless of your track record, and a potential patient will be lost forever.