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Year ahead

We’ve spent much of 2009 studying our offering, asking for and listening to our clients’ feedback and developing our platform. I’m happy to report that our roadmap now contains many items are in final stages.

Our revised offering has been built to be highly scalable and further automated. It will enable many of our current “optional extra services” to be free add-ons as well as being better optimised for search engines and providing improved usability and overall experience. It will facilitate us in providing our clients with faster and more personalised support.

In the early months of 2010, we will roll out a number of new modules, most of which will be free add-ons to our clients’ websites.

  • Custom photo gallery
  • Client testimonials (helps you collect testimonials and show them off at your site)
  • Shop (eCommerce module to enable product sales through your website)
  • Exercise program (customised programs that you prepare for your patients to follow online)
  • Twitter plugin
  • Blog (an under-complicated blog to add to your website)
  • Online Appointment Manager (collects online appointment requests and makes it easy to manage them)
  • Birthday cards (send personalised messages to your members on their birthdays)

We are mindful of not complicating our offering and confusing your visitors. So these will all be available “on demand”, for you to test and see what works in your business.

Update [October 2010]: Following a study of what core functionality is required from our offering and which features are likely to add more complexity than benefit, we have decided for now to place the Shop and Exercise program modules on the back burner. If these features are important to you, we can offer alternative solutions.

A new focus for 2010

Whilst we have been largely working on the technical development of our offering, most of 2010 will be spent focussed on the optimisation and marketing of our clients’ websites, covering things like visitor behaviour analysis to improve content, memberhsip conversion and driving more business through our clients’ doors. Ultimately this is what it’s all about!

Please keep your feedback coming; we are listening.
Looking forward to a very exciting year ahead.

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