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Moving from employment to responsible private practitioner

Private practitioners are completely responsible for their clinics, including office administration and business management. Once you have fully committed to private practice, there is no hiding from any aspect of entrepreneurship.

Customer care – do it right

Customer care is something you can’t fake. It shows through in how quickly you answer the phone or respond to an email. It is evident in how hard you work to resolve an issue.

Year ahead

Whilst we have been largely working on the technical development of our offering, most of 2010 will be spent focussed on the optimisation and marketing of our clients’ websites, covering things like visitor behaviour analysis to improve content, memberhsip conversion and driving more business through our clients’ doors.

Selling products from your website

Sales of treatment, rehabilitation and exercise products are a great way to ensure your patients get what they need to assist with their recovery. It is also a good source of added revenue for your business.