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Marketing your practice

Do I need multiple websites for multiple clinics?

If you have more than one clinic in your business, it may be worthwhile investing in a website for each. The main consideration is simply “when it comes to your patients, are you serving different targets or do they overlap?”

Customer care – do it right

Customer care is something you can’t fake. It shows through in how quickly you answer the phone or respond to an email. It is evident in how hard you work to resolve an issue.

Private practice: prospering in uncertain economic times

Like other business sectors in the post-economic meltdown, Australia’s private physiotherapy clinics have had to cope with a treacherous economic climate and sceptical consumers less willing to spend on what is still widely perceived as a non-essential service.

7 ways to attract qualified patients with a physiotherapy clinic website

As the owner or manager of a growing physiotherapy practice, you know how difficult it is to convince the sceptics of your clinic’s therapeutic value. Even amongst true believers, it’s foolhardy to assume people will select your clinic over others in your area to treat their ailments.

How can a website for your physio clinic help your business?

Every business can benefit from a well-designed Web site. The Internet, is not just a place for consumers to make purchases, but also a place for clients to get information on services. The main goal of a physiotherapy private practice Web site is to get the ideal clients to call or e-mail for more information or to set up a consultation.

Use good photos

When you decide to hang your virtual shingle on the internet, you gain access to a wealth of tools for promoting your business. The most important of these is the ability to create a visual presence for your business that potential customers will be able to explore.